Saturday, October 09, 2004

And It Came To Pass

GWB did everything required and more, using his sense of humor to differentiate himself from a surprisingly unpleasant John Kerry last night. Score the expected TKO for Bush. This will put an end to any phony momentum that the MSM has been reporting. Now, they will continue to concoct polls that show Kerry in the race and even leading by a point or two.......but as I have said for some time.....this is over. Watch the polls that aren't in on the Rasmussen, Fox and Gallup (not with CNN/USA). These will soon show that Bush has regained the upper hand. In fact, Rasmussen may already be showing that. Polipundit is the place to go for excellent poll analysis like this. The election itself will probably come down just like Australia did today, the MSM will be screaming how close it is and throwing everything they can muster at Bush as they get even more desperate than they already are (hard to believe it could get worse, huh?). But in the end Bush will win and it may even be a crushing victory. Actually the same thing happened here in California with the MSM running phony polls (especially the LA Times) that showed the race close and doing everything they could to slime no avail. Arnold smashed Bustamante despite only one major newspaper supporting him in the whole state. As I keep saying......enjoy it, enjoy the beauty of it all.


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