Sunday, October 17, 2004

October 17th polling data

Tracking polls:
Rasmussen 48 - 46 Bush
Zogby 46 - 44 - 1 Bush
TIPP 48 - 45 - 2 Bush
WaPo 50 - 46 - 2 Bush

Other polls:
Gallup 52 - 44 Bush

Pretty convincing data here. Now I expect the daily tracking polls to get real close through Wednesday while the Sunday numbers (which favor Kerry) are part of the mix. The state polls are a concern too of course, although I think Bush is doing better there than the polls show. His base is going to vote and work, the other base is going to have trouble getting all their real voters out, and the fraud won't be enough to overcome that.
As I have said before, Kerry's only hope now is Al Qaeda.


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