Wednesday, October 20, 2004

October 20th

Tracking Polls: Zogby 46 46 1 tie
Rasmussen 48 47 Bush
TIPP 47 46 1 Bush
ABC/WaPo 50 47 1 Bush

Others: Harris* 51 43 Bush
48 46 Bush

Pew 47 47 1 tie

*Harris publishing two views in vain attempt to make Kerry appear close. Tomorrow I would expect at least a slight bump, if not a big one, for Bush in the daily tracking polls as Sunday falls out of the mix. Hmm, the final tracking polls before the election will include Sunday polling. A last attempt by the media to influence turnout? Could be. To no avail, however, as big win seems more likely to me all the time. Democrats may be so angry afterwards that they will do even further damage to themselves with lawsuits, etc. Na na nana na na hey ey ey Good bye!


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