Thursday, October 21, 2004

October 21 polls etc

Tracking polls: Rasmussen 49 46 Bush
TIPP 48 45 2 Bush
Zogby 46 45 1 Bush
WaPo 51 45 1 Bush

Others: Marist 49 48 1 Bush
AP/IPSOS 49 46 2 Kerry

As expected a nice movement in the tracking polls for Bush as the Sunday numbers drop out of the mix. Tomorrow should be Bush's best day until this time next week. The Mar(x)ist and AP/IPSOS national polls are real laughers. MSM doing their best to flog a dead horse. I am almost ready to make a definite call on an EV landslide (landslide means Kerry gets less than 200 ev). My offical call at Polipundit some time ago was 344 - 194 Bush.


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