Wednesday, October 27, 2004

October 27 polls

Tracking polls: Rasmussen 49 47 Bush
Zogby 48 47 1 Bush
TIPP 48 44 2 Bush
WaPo 49 48 1 Kerry

Others: ICR 48 45 2 Bush

This should be about as good as it gets for Kerry. Except for the WaPo tracking poll, which I view as suspect, these are nearly the same on balance as a week ago. All national polls except the bogus AP/IPSOS confirm a small Bush lead. Everything is in place for a landslide victory for the President. These tracking polls should improve for Bush the next couple days, we'll see. It's crunch time. I am about worn out on it all, and worrying about a possible terror attack this weekend won't make it any easier.


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