Saturday, October 30, 2004

October 30 polls

Tracking polls: Zogby 47 46 2 Kerry
Rasmussen 48 47 Bush
TIPP 46 44 1 Bush
WaPo 49 48 1 Bush
FOX 47 45 1 Bush

Others: Newsweek 50 44 1 Bush

Well, this will be the last tracking poll post I will make as they will not have valid data by Monday, that is the polling will be heavily skewed toward Kerry. Why Fox decided to start a tracking poll is a mystery. It is interesting to note that NO NATIONAL poll in the last week has had Kerry closer than 3 points, and the last three were 5, 5 and 6 for Bush. That is where this race is and it may wind up even worse for Kerry than that. The media will never admit it though. It may be hard to post tomorrow, and so I will skip it unless there are new national polls. I will make note of all final polls Monday just to see how they do.


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