Sunday, October 31, 2004

October 31 Polls

Today's Nationals: PEW 51 48 1 Bush
CBS/NYT 49 46 1 Bush

As I mentioned the tracking polls are worthless at this point since they only include days highly favorable to Kerry. Most of them have the race tied, but I will note that the mysterious TIPP poll does have Bush up by 5.
Both the above polls are very good news for Bush, but expected as has been pointed out in previous posts. All the National polls of the last week have shown Bush up by 3 - 6 points, with the exception of the largely discredited ARG poll which shows a dead heat. I wonder if AP/IPSOS will dare come about with another poll claiming a Kerry lead? A lot of people are breathlessly awaiting the Gallup poll but I am probably the only one that is a little skeptical of it.......that CNN/USA Today connection bothers me some. It is going to be a great day Tuesday for Bush and the Republicans. Now if we can just beat Tiny Tom!


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