Wednesday, October 13, 2004

One Last Horse

I am glad to see the debates coming to an end even though I think GWB won the first two and will hold his own in the third. Why? Because all the debates are is an opportunity for the media to portray their man as favorably as possible contra Bush no matter what happens in reality. I predict the media reaction to tonight's debate will create a new low in biased reporting of an event. And it will have some minor sticking power since very few real people will be watching with two World Series games going on at the same time.

But, once this one is over and the post debate hype is out, and the phony Newsweek and Zogby polls come in to show yet another Kerry surge the end game will begin. Things will flatten out until the last ten days and then the polls will gradually reveal what we have known for some time......Bush is comfortably ahead. Oh, the media will say the race is in doubt up until the bitter end but the signs will be there. They already are.


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