Friday, October 08, 2004

Tonight's Debate

Are debates that important? No, I don't believe so. They are basically tools that the MSM uses to try to influence the public perception of the race. Therefore they certainly don't benefit conservatives. However it is important for the conservative side to recognize them for what they are and to take an AGGRESSIVE debate stance.

What President Bush must do tonight is to stay on offense. To do this he must pay minimal attention to the questions he receives (unless he get a set-up which is very unlikely) and then spend the entire time exposing John Kerry's abysmal Senate record in defense, intelligence and economic issues. There is so much material here that one could easily spend more than the 30 minutes or so the President will need to be talking.

An example: " Senator Kerry has been describing our economy as bad. What is he talking about? Our enemployment rate is lower than when Bill Clinton was seeking reelection in 1996. He seems to think we ought to tax our job producers like the Socialist states in Europe do.....I guess he wants their unemployment rates, it's nearly 10% in Germany. Oh, and France? Also 10%. John Kerry believes in stealing your money and giving it to bureaucrats. He wants to make as many of you dependent on Government as possible. When we took office we inherited a recession, a crashing stock market and then the events of 9/11 and the devastating impact that had on our economy. And now we have come back and in the last year created nearly 2 million jobs while pursuing a Global War on Terror. That is more jobs created than Germany, Russia and (pause) France combined! And all Mr Kerry can do is spout Gloom and Doom and whine. Of course he could point to all the economic bills that he promoted in his 30 year career, (pause for effect) but there aren't any. In fact, 30 years and how many bills has the Junior Senator from Massachusetts sponsored? We are making strong economic progress despite all our challenges and we are winning the GWOT at the same time despite the negativity of our opponents."

I am sure that you could give voice to your own soliloquys of this sort that would keep the pressure on the Senator!

The bottom line is that President Bush must avoid sounding defensive. If he does this the MSM will have to give him a draw in the debate, which is the same as a huge victory. If you couple that with probable positive results in the Afghanistan and Australian elections tomorrow and Kerry's phony momentum will come to an abrupt halt.


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